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Check your mental health with Shazeen

Clinical Psychologist Shazeen Qamar shares her story and how she is trying to make a difference in Pakistan with mental health, in a place where recources are low and also being a woman she has to tackle alot of challenges and she is going to talk about how she is making a difference with her business.

Making a difference on the digital fitness platform online with casper

This Friday at 6pm we are going live with coach Casper who has 7 years experience in the supplement industry, he is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, and coach and founder of @gym_pack.official, check out his website! He will be talking about his new venture @gym_pack.official and how he’s planning to make a difference in the fitness and nutrition industry! Having spoke to him on several occasions I am amazed by his knowledge of general health, food and benefits of being physically active. 🤩He is also offering you an amazing GIVEAWAY! A 12 week transformation pack!!! 🤩

Business and Music with Tom Ford

This Friday at 6pm, we are going Live with Tom Ford, a musician, producer, song writer and educator from Birmingham.

Running a small business while being a mother (health, balance and lifestyle) with Dr Monika

Dr Monika is a scientist and a healthy living strategist and she uses her research and knowledge to help educate other people on their lifestyle choices to increase their brain power, energy and focus through nutrition. She runs a club called B.A.D mums club. (Balanced. Authentic. Deserving) which aims to educated and help mums be the best they can be, with nutritional packages and tips for wellness, health and balancing family life with work life.

Monika was also awarded nutritionist of the year 2021/22 winner from Scotland prestige awards.

Find out about Dr Monika’s incredible journey in this weeks live. Friday at 6pm
on Facebook, YouTube or Twitch!

Small clothing business UK (recycling, upcycling & sustainable fashion) with Rebecca

This Friday @ 6pm, we are going LIVE with Rebecca from Upcycled by stay wild and wander. She runs her own business by protecting the planet and upcycling clothing which she sells on Etsy. Everyone has some clothes that we don’t wear anymore but we are holding onto because we like the pattern or the fabric, but imagine turning them old clothes into a new outfit so you can love it all over again!✨ Stay tuned to find out how Rebecca started up her own business and to learn about upcycling! We can not wait.

Tips for small businesses. (drones, photography, videography) With UAV

This Friday we are going LIVE with Stu! One of the owners of Unmanned Air Veterans, a business that uses drones to capturing amazing content!

How to be a successful upcoming rapper? ft Velli

We are going LIVE with Velli, an upcoming asian rapper from East London! We will be talking about

How healthy is your business with MAGxpert.

In this episode we have the Gabriel with his business, MAGxpert. The business that supports and gives ‘health checks’ for other businesses. We all need help every now and then, so it is important to listen to advice, learn and grow from other people’s experiences.

In this video you will learn about business, what is best for businesses and loads of tips and tricks to help grow your business.

Priyesh – achieving fulfilment in life

In this episode, we have the amazing Priyesh. A Jay Shetty Certified life coach. He went from being an accountant to a life coach! and Today Priyesh shares his journey in business, becoming a life coach and advice on how to be happy and successful in business and life.

After this video you will feel inspired and motivated to improve your life and step up your game! Start that project / business idea, make them meal preps, start a new hobby or whatever you have been wanting to do. This is your time to start!